My friends had a band called Crucial Dudes. They were one of the best examples of what kids regard as being modern day “pop punk” - there was urgency, honesty, and the true ethos of DIY punk rock. Their contemporaries paled in comparison.

Eventually, their relationship with each other as “Crucial Dudes” burned out - and that’s okay.

Still bound by friendship, Alec, Billy, Brandon, and Cheeks recently decided to pick up where they left off, and write what can only be described as sincere, awesome, and loud as fuck music. They’re called Podacter and I hope you’ll listen and share these songs with your friends.


Crucial Dudes - Small, Bent, and Ugly [x]
Sometimes “why” is a question that I wished I never even learned.

American Football, transparent
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"Vinyl survived, we managed not to kill it. Knowing that you’ve taken part in this fight… You can’t imagine the happiness it brings. Every time I see a kid going out of the store with a vinyl record under their arms, my heart beats faster. Music should only be this. An intense emotion." - Jack White (via laracoltt)
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Pity Sex - Feast of Love